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Welcome To Our Studio

Where we got our name - Down the road from our Great Grandpa's farm at the edge of Randolph county, Indiana, is an old iron bridge. It's the kind that has a steel grate for a floor. You can stand on the bridge and watch the water run beneath your feet. Our family has nicknamed it “The Singing Bridge” because of the “singing” noise it makes when somebody drives across the metal grated floor. To some it's just a noise, but to us it's memories of happy times together, the smell of spring, and roots of family, culture and deep faith here in rural Indiana. So with all the sweet sentimentality that such things can breed, we are Singing Bridge Pottery.


How we started– As a Christmas present for JoAnna Andy bought her a used wheel and traded for a couple of old kilns. Marty Price, a cousin and friend, who taught art for many years, was kind enough to introduce JoAnna to all the basics. She was an insatiable student always ready to take the next step. 

A year later, JoAnna was in a severe traffic accident with a semi, where she suffered a traumatic brain injury. As she slowly began to recover, her doctors encouraged to use her pottery as therapy. The many hours she spent developed the skills and designs you can see in our online gallery. Andy, who has been a craftsman in wood and other artistic endeavours, has also joined the effort to make Singing Bridge Pottery a family activity.


Meet Andy And JoAnna Price

Andy and JoAnna have five children, four here and one in heaven. They currently reside in Winchester, Indiana; which is, by the way, a great place to live!

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Andy Price

JoAnna Price

Andy was born in Muncie, Indiana and raised right in the middle of 180 acres of corn on the Randolph / Delaware county line road. As a young adult he moved to Tennessee where he lived for twelve years, and where he met JoAnna. Andy has been a preacher of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ for thirty years and a pastor for twenty years. He currently pastors Cornerstone Baptist Church in Winchester, Indiana.  In addition to his calling, he tuned pianos for thirty years, taught piano and guitar, built cabinetry, worked construction, was a licensed auctioneer, chalk artist, and tried pretty much anything else that sounded challenging or interesting. As a young man Andy was encouraged by his parents to learn every  possible skill and by this he developed the confidence, creativity, and skill of mind and hand required to undertake new ventures, which now includes pottery.

JoAnna was born in Dayton, Ohio and spent most of her childhood in Papua New Guinea. She was raised in a grass hut about a 8 hour 4x4 off-road journey, plus six hour hike over two mountains from the nearest town. She and her sister were adopted into the tribe where they lived; a place no foreign women had ever been. The primitive nature of her upbringing contributed to the creativity of her mind and hands.  At the age of 19, she came home to America. She settled in the state of Tennessee where she met and married Andy. She was the first in our home to apply her talents to the medium of clay.

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